Sichuan Sunplas Co., LTD. (English abbreviations SUNPLAS) was established in 2003, is to high-tech material research and development, production and sales of the innovative enterprise. Are thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPEE) and thermoplastic dynamic vulcanization rubber (TPV etc) new material quality elastomer professional manufacturer, the domestic only TPEE industrialization base.

Through the continuous innovation, the morning break the multinational enterprises, new technology and products for a long time, the development of monopoly polyester elastomer (SUNPRENE @ TPEE), thermoplastic dynamic vulcanization rubber (TPV) new material, high quality elastomer SUNPRENE @ TPEE products are divided into high performance level, have fire prevention, environmental protection level brine for low smoke, non-halogen, blow molding, fire prevention level level out, modification grade level. Widely used in automobiles, rail transportation, home appliances, communication, electric electrical, building materials, toys, electric tools, lighting, aerospace and other industries. The product by national stress structure engineering plastic engineering technology research center, after DuoNian producer in the research and production application, the product quality performance has reached the same products abroad advanced level.

The company is the key technical innovation in sichuan province project plan support enterprise, national torch project industrialization base, provincial high-tech enterprises. In 2010 the company President was countries such as department of five ministries as "outstanding builder of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics". The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. The company SUNPRENE @ TPEE industrialization in national science and technology support projects, halogen-free fr elastomer listed in the national innovation fund projects.

As engineering plastic raw materials suppliers, the success of our clients is our biggest wish. We will continue to develop new products to meet ever-changing market demands, create value for customers and constantly strive to improve themselves.

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